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What I’ve learned from living abroad

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Back home in Mongolia, I was always within my comfort zone and protected by my family and friends. I never had to deal with language barrier and getting lost in places. On the other hand, now I am in different country and culture, I have to learn to be independent and adaptable. Practicing this 2 skills allows me to continuously learn something new from countries I have been, colleagues I have worked, and people I have met. If I had to pick 3 highlights what I learned:

1. I learn to cope under pressure and dealing with an emergency:

Living in foreign country by yourself can be difficult if something happens or events of uncertainty. When I was living in Gulf countries, car snatched my bag from the road and at that time happened to carrying my passport. The moment something uncertain happens we tend to lose control and feel anxious which brings us to another situations. But I’d to stay on top, focused and drill down what is the priority; what I have got. With focus we maximise the realisation of opportunities and think what decision should make. It is not common to happen uncertain events but such kind of circumstances it is important to be a positive and stay on top.

2. I become a good listener:

Everyone has a story to tell and you need to be a listener. Specially working with clients, it is useful skill to succeed in your role. Letting them know you are giving full and complete attention, by listening to their needs patiently and responding appropriately. It’s about paying attention not only to what they are saying, but how it is told, the use of body language and voice. But I wasn’t perfect listener until one day my manager gave me a feedback how can I be even better listener specially during the meetings. I used to overwhelmed by my thoughts and start to think what I’m going to say in reply; instead now I focus on the speaker, listen without judgment, criticism and interruption.

3. I learned to adapt quickly:

Over the years living in 6 different countries, I learned to change and pick things up quickly in order to adapt new culture and new environment. Every country is different even within the region and if you are comparing them to each other you will be disappointed and will never enjoy. I used to be one of them who compares between countries and make myself frustrated; when I was in Barcelona – how do shops and restaurants have a break between 2-5pm and how easily I could find a food if I were in Bangkok etc. But then I realised you will miss the moments by doing comparison and won’t see what a beautiful things could offer this city and culture. So it’s all about open-minded and respond to challenges with positive attitude.

And on top of this three skills, I am very curious person who always look for an innovative ideas; I enjoy asking questions and listening to other people’s stories which inspires me to create new ideas; excites me to learn more and more. #HappyLearning

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