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I am trying to: #QuarantineThoughts

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Toasting to 2020 with my friend, we assured to each other this year going to be different and we will make it great one!

30th Jan, 2020 one of usual Thursday, news and media started to highlight corona virus in China and most of people thought it is one of the virus comes and goes. Yet here we are and more than 2M people are infected by this virus, whole world is concerned about how fast it is spreading around the community.

…Flights are stopped, countries closed their borders, people advised to stay home, social distancing is critical and avoid crowded places and wear mask if you go out from home… what an entry of year?!

And many of us trying to focus on positiveness, waiting this over, and things get back to normal routine. There is a quote saying, I am also learning and adapting from current situation.

Appreciate where you are in your journey, even if it’s not where you wanna be. Every season serves a purpose.

I am also learning and adapting from current situation and thought listed down here:

To appreciate

We all had busy lives before all its started. When was the last time we spent more than a day with our family, sit and talk to each other at home, and looking at the window how beautiful is a day knowing that you have your loved ones next to you. Often we focus on things we don’t have, over thinking and try to replace it by something… something like social media, shopping, socialising etc. Now this is a time for us to appreciate that we have a roof on our heads, food we can eat, close person to share our emotions, and loved ones are healthy.

Once it’s over, we will be walking down that crowded street, connecting with our friends / colleagues at favourite coffeeshop, or even some of us will jump on a first plane and rush to sip a pina colada at the beach.

…We will miss the indoor as much as how we are appreciating outdoors, when time comes.

To be focused

Humans we are easily distracted by our thoughts and surroundings. This is good time to be focused and what is ahead of us and how can be prepared for next. Yes it is tough time for individuals, and businesses. But not only focus on what is happening or “not” happening to you today, it is important to remember your main focus, observe and reflect, replan. We will get back in that busy field soon. This is a chance for everyone to be prepared and focused.

Stop comparing today YOU to yesterday’s YOU. Instead of “2019 YOU” what were you doing at this day, “today YOU” focusing on what is next.

To be alone

Singles like us, we all stuck somewhere in the world – alone. Those days our parents are away in few hrs by drive/flight, or meet up with your friend over drink is not something we can do these days. Even we cannot visit our boyfriend and girlfriend if we don’t live together in house. Don’t even think of those dating APPs.

You need someone to be there for you and with you. But do remember this is time for us to learn ourselves without outside voices, influences and by someone defining you. We always introduced by someone to someone or define who you are based on what others say about you and we are very much dependent on those outside voices. Without this, we can’t be satisfied. How it is important for us to please others to let define us. Even if I am at a job interview, they will ask me what others would define me…

Here we have a chance to really think who we are, who we wanted to be when we were a child. And bring up that book you always wanted to finish, song you wanted to learn on guitar, drawing skill you wanted to pick up, finish that blog, rearrange your closet, and take care your mind. When was last time you sit and look into you IKIGAI? When was last time we stay home and without rushing into next plan?

This is challenging time but try to learn something about everything and everything about something.

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