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Didn’t Open? Let’s resend to them.

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

As a consultant, you have to have an answer and recommendation for any questions that come across.

That doesn’t mean every single one of you follow the recommendations. We just see the whole and compares to the best practices that you may can try.

I had came across with a questions like:

  1. Should I resend my email campaigns to un-openers or openers?

  2. Does it effect on my unsubscription rate?

Here is the recommendation and suggestion so far I have seen.

Do remember industry by industry resend a campaign is different story. Let’s say if you have a B2B business we wouldn’t suggest you to go with idea of resend.

It is very common and suitable practice for B2C such as Consumer and Retail (Online & Offline), Travel and Hotel industry.

This is my YMAIL account (testing purpose I use different providers) and I have received 44 emails and it is Wednesday (most famous day to send a campaigns; specially for those Retail companies) as you can see from screenshot below:


Wednesday is most popular day to send a campaign source: Experian Benchmark Study Q2 2016

Would I ready those I haven’t read yet or unsubscribe them? Probably I won’t read neither unsubscribe. I may gonna read some of them when I go to the restroom or just before I go to bed.

Resending a campaign increases open rate by 30%. Trust me resend a campaign is #TREND in 2016. Big Retail brands like Forever 21 (Fast Fashion Brand) – sent out Memorial Day campaign in May. Same artwork different subject line and different days:

F21 Reminder Campaign - bigger image.JPG

F21 Memorial Day Campaign – May, 2016

  1. First round sent out at 7:00AM Sunday

►Subject Line: Extra 30% Off Ends Today! SO HURRY!.

Leading with the word Ends Today did just that, it reminded it’s limited time offer.

  1. Second round sent out last one hour to who did not open the campaign Monday

►Subject Line: FINAL HOURS! Extra 30% Off!!

In case those who didn’t open and missed a limited SALE, last email reminds them to catch the final offer.

Now you know it is safe to resend an email campaign. But do note:

  1. Segmentation – Sending blindly is very dangerous and it is just waste of money. Target to those who hasn’t open your campaign or those who has been active in past 3-6 Months and haven’t open the campaign etc. Here is an example; We targeted to those who opened the email but hadn’t make purchase. The result was 0% unsubscribers and we got 0.9% Transaction rate.

  2. Subject Line is important – Send with different subject line

  3. Send different dates – Personally I like to follow my emails on Friday evening and if I look at very nice dress, I would do shop right after. Maybe there is some group of your subscribers who likes to read their emails on weekends instead of week day and shops right after.

  4. Test and Test – Basically everyone says TEST and again TEST. So let me say it again “Don’t afraid to test!” You may loose 30 subscribers. But I promise you will reach out to 300 more subscribers.

To resend your campaign, keep it in your mind that DO NOT RESEND all your email communications. Resending the same email twice runs the risk of being flagged for spam. Even if you’re only resend to those who didn’t open the first email, there is a chance that subscriber deleted it because it wasn’t relative to him/her. Therefore please only send those important emails such as Limited time offer, special promotion etc. and don’t forget to target.

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