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A/B Testing #ContentTesting

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

It is an important that we do our job better whatever field we are working in. As a marketing person specially in this digital world everything moves fast. Every second there is a new content image, text, and video published by someone. An hour ago, you could come up with a new idea which already posted in your neighborhood. The good thing about digital world, you can easily find an inspiration and examples.

Although, it is quite hard to find email marketing examples. Maybe it is related with those people who think email marketing is died. If email marketing is died, how would you explain: bank sends your monthly payroll statement, twitter sends your daily followers statistics, apple sends you the products you may interested in etc. Therefore email is still alive and important and marketers like us need to write an ideas to new joiners into this field.

According to Litmus Study, receivers spend the least amount of time reading emails for less that 3 seconds (see image below). It means whatever you are going to sell or advertise make it short, sweet, clear and eye catchy.


Receivers spend the least amount of time reading emails less than 3 seconds

First of all, select the testing target group. As earlier I have mentioned that target to 6 months active users and learn their behaviour that what exactly they want to buy/interest in mind.

Step two, define your goal either sells or drive traffic into your website.

Step three, do a research about social media trend, trending colour, music band and coming up movie etc. to see how you can connect with your brand; see how this ideas can support your sells/advertisement goal. Of course industry by industry, case by case your criteria of research would be different.

After this research study, you will already have more than one idea of content. Once you start working on the content, please keep it mind 70% of the receivers read on mobile devices and points below:

  1. Avoid to use spam words

  2. Keep the content in 750 words total

  3. Design matters

  4. Optimize the text size for mobile

  5. Keep your Call-to-Action front and center

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