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Call-to-Action Button appears in your Subject Line

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Have you ever thought about wouldn’t be easier if we had a CTA button in the subject line? I read the email and then “Oh cool! Let me just click on the SHOP NOW button instead of opening your email.”. If you ever wish to have it, then we have early Christmas Gift for you all!

GMAIL started new quick action into your email.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 11.02.01 PM

As you can see from above image, TRY IT TODAY quick action button appears behind the pre-header text. Google called it “One Click Action”. Previous version of One Click action only performed to RSVP or REVIEW it without leaving the inbox. But now by this action button, recipients can visit websites without opening the eDM.

Let’s look at the technical side. If we have a look it into the campaign, pre-header text has a CTA that hyperlinked.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 11.04.43 PM.png

To use this action button, you copy paste one Javascript and div tag into the HTML. So this CTA’s divided into three categories:

  1. RSVP action

  2. REVIEW action

  3. GO-TO action

I tried it with other words and whole pre-header text with hyperlink which didn’t work. So there is character limit for One Click Action.

WOW. Isn’t it amazing! And now “Oh, my next eDM will have SHOP NOW link in the pre-header text”. Good job my friend! You are smart thinker. But… what does mean to email marketers this one-click action buttons?

There is couple of challenges we will be facing by having this OCA button:

  1. It means readers going to spend even less than 30 sec to read.

  2. Your email will be judged by your Subject Line – meaning that Subject Line and Pre-Header text is going to be more and more important

  3. Where to end up your message is 99.9% relative to your subject line and important to place your email in PRIMARY tab

  4. Deliverability and your sender score is very important

  5. Open rate will no longer important metric in email marketing

  6. and bottom line your amazing artwork getting less chance to be seen 😦

Probably you would say “Hey this is only GMAIL! What about other email providers?” I know most of the subscribers in Singapore uses Yahoo (also older age group still using yahoo email as their personal email. One of them is my mom but she lives in Mongolia!), you will find majority of people use HOTMAIL in Thailand, younger generation or tech people uses GMAIL etc.

Let me tell you the numbers:

  1. 1.2billion people (probably duplicated number of users) and GMAIL app has downloaded 1 billion (probably because of Android phones) and age group is 31. Ha! I told you.

HELLO PEOPLE! Who says email is died?! All the email providers developing email interfaces more and more user friendly and easy to use. Be prepared for next level of email. Because it is moving faster than every. 🙂

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