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We are in world of 3D #ArtificialIntelligence

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Not so long ago marketers we used to think personalisation is just a Firstname, and Lastname. Recently there has been concept of Hyperpersonalization and marketers start to question – “How to hyperpersonalize it by human capacity?”.

Today’s consumer world is moving fast as bullet train. They are interacting with multiple channels and these channels are creating vast amount of data. The typical consumer Sarah, while she is watching Netflix on her laptop, scrolls down to Instagram feed and same time she is looking for a dinner place on her iPad. Consumers, they are require to do multitasking without a choice.

It gets hard to scale data and make decision in our human capacity. How can we recognise a person just followed you on Instagram on their mobile, looking into your web store checking the red dress and thinking should I buy from your store or your competitors.

Hyper-personalization considers browsing behavior and real-time data to be able to change messages in the moment. Data we collect this days it’s three dimensional. It’s personal, it’s behavioral and it’s purchasing. The best part of having this three dimensional data is you can make things possible even impossible things. With personal data we can make a basic conversation with consumers. Just like few years back, mentioning customer name on the email campaigns.


Interesting fact, consumers are conscious about sharing their information and same time they expect you to know about their deepest darkest interest and needs. With behavioral data, marketers can better grasp customers’ needs and interests without asking.

In Netherlands, customer A used to order his food online. Different meal on different day. By AI, FoodPanda found out that customer some point likes coriander taste. So they would like to confirm if machine predicted the right information and called the customer if he likes coriander. It happened to be true! This is one example of how purchasing behaviour can be insightful.

So how does machine perform to get this results. It’s simple – you tell the machine what do you want to achieve, then it gives you the solution based on data, smart insight and prediction. While marketers focus on important tasks like strategy, content and creativity truly one-to-one engagement with their customers, AI enables 1:1 personalization at scale that removes the burden of operational and execution tasks.

Now marketers we can catch the bullet train and sit back enjoy the ride!

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