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Customer Journey

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Just a few min ago one of my colleague mentioned about a sells-person from bank called her and wanted to speak with her and even he can come down at our office. My colleague end up having a question how did this sells-person get my contact information and know my name. I may interested in some options with the bank but that was a while ago…

Most of the time marketers think building customer journey is difficult and you need to have a strategic consultant to do it. Actually, it is very simple as long as you know your product and company. Diagrams that illustrate A to B point and show the steps how to reach point B. Arthur Ashe Quotes:

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.

There is a multiple channels to reach to point B. For example, in digital era technology allows us to reach our customers many different channels such as SMS, email, website, offline and social media etc. It doesn’t matter at the end our goal is to build long term relationship and make sure they prefer us than next door flower shop.

Journey can be different depends on your industry and product. Although, there is one common map aware of your brand, and build an interest then start to do research around and if you provide good reason why you are better than other, customers will make a decision to choose you.

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 4.04.25 PM

Customer Journey

Once we define the overall customer journey what is the touchpoints and how A and B looks, then we should look at what’s going to happen at each stages. There is couple of main questions you will need to answer for example:

  1. What is the customer doing at each stage?

  2. What actions are they taking to move themselves on to the next stage?

  3. What motivates your customer to make a decision?

  4. Why they care about it?

  5. What is the issues or problems customer facing one stage to next stage?

Such kind of questions we need to answer in order to get into deep.

I went for a Tinder date *:) few months back. Guy was very cute and who plays a soccer. We had a good conversation. But after all that laugh and good conversation he disappeared #HeIsJustNotThatIntoYou. Suddenly, he wanted to meet me after three weeks. I completely lost of interest and didn’t want to meet him at that time. So this couldn’t pass stage 2 – #Interest. I may would jump from Interest to Decision stage but again hey it’s two way communication! Even we are talking about a customer journey and communication don’t forget all relationship fundamental is two way communication. We call it Inbound Marketing. Inbound marketing can be very big topic and I will create a new post.



This is why we should engage their preferable channel as long as we started to get to know customers. Specially, first stage of the relationship you make sure they remember you, they expect to receive email and social media ads from you. When they should expect to hear from you etc.

That sounds very demanding girlfriend. 🙂 But most of the time you don’t necessary spend a lot of time to engage with your customers. There is always golden moments to engage and put more effort than every stage of the journey.

Remember “Engagement” is modern buyers have changed and power has shifted away from business into the hands of customers. It’s all about the customers and way they want to be engaged. Guiding and growing your customers along the journey is power of relationship.

Don’t forget to water your customers!


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