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Autumn Emotion

You gave me a light

And you put a seed in my heart

Never thought it will grow anything

And it has gone with you now

And with your word

And with your shadow

And with a wind...

That day, that face, that goodbye, that kiss, that smile, that hug...

And now I stay here

Where I was

And where I left ...

Somewhere behind

It feels empty now what it used to be before I met you...

That familiar emptiness

That familiar space

That familiar loneliness

Almost forgot how it feels fall from high

Almost forgot how it feels to be surrounded by sun and then starts to rain

Almost forgot how familiar is this shadow, loneliness, tear...

Salty, sad, lonely, dark, empty but very familiar ...

Hello my old Friend and good bye my brief love...


Found some old poems in my draft and thought posting it here

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